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The Africadian Empowerment Academy

formerly known as East Preston Empowerment Academy (EPEA)

The Africadian Empowerment Academy (AEA) is a non-profit education and skills development-based organization, designed to empower, equip and inspire members of the Nova Scotia community of African descent, to pursue and fulfill their lifelong dreams & aspirations.

What Would You Like To Know?

About Africadian

We empower and equip African Nova Scotians with the tools to enhance their skills, qualifications...

Our Vision

What started as an innocent question in 2014 has continued to guide our daily thoughts and actions 

Academy Courses

We offer a wide range of programs and services designed to meet the unique needs of our...

Upcoming Events

Every event that we plan and organize forms the fabric of the change we seek to drive...


Investing in minds and transforming communities!

1.02 M


161 K


783 K

labor income ($)


sustained jobs (FTEs)

Their words, not ours

AEA Participant


Welcoming and Inclusive Organization

AEA's program welcomes participants from all communities, not just East Preston. They welcome any individual, in any community, who desires to further their education and skills. 

AEA Partner


Dependable, Responsive, Professional Partner

The collaboration between AEA and NSCC allowed us to provide meaningful training and skills to a group that may not have had the opportunity.

AEA Participant


Life Changing, Empowering, Confidence-building

The program gave me the willpower to go out and not be afraid to go back into the school system and pursue further education. [...]. AEA was an encouragement, and empowering force. 

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